The Art of Us: By Unleashing Mr. Darcy Author Teri Wilson
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The Art of Us – Limited .99 Sale

The Art of Us: By Unleashing Mr. Darcy Author Teri Wilson

Just a quick note to let you all know that from now through March 23rd, THE ART OF US eBook is on sale in several places for one penny less than a buck (and in the UK, for one pence short of a pound). The book is also featured among Google Play’s Spring Steals and Deals titles this week – yay!

So make like a spring fling and get it for $0.99 – or £0.99 – while you can!

PURCHASE @: Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK) | NookGoogle Play

Harper Higgins, art history professor and Vincent van Gogh scholar, doesn’t need a man. She needs an artist. Fast. The art show she’s counting on to secure her tenure is in trouble.

So when she collides with a ruggedly handsome man carrying a basket of violets on a rainy night in Boston, she thinks she’s found her miracle. Cynical, brooding ex-soldier Tom Stone can paint. And he’s quite good. He just needs Harper’s artistic touch.

But once she talks him into pretending he’s a long-lost descendant of van Gogh, the trouble really begins. As the art opening draws near, their identities—both real and imagined—hang in the balance. The student becomes the master as Tom teaches Harper that passion is its own work of art…

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