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March 18th: A Mr. Darcy Book Signing

UNLEASHING MR. DARCY by Teri Wilson - Now a Hallmark Channel Original Movie

Teri Wilson will be having an Unleashing Mr. Darcy book signing party at St. John Knits, a gorgeous dress shop that is sure to garner Violet Darcy’s approval. *wink* Details and link to the venue below – hope to see you there, you romance-reading, Darcy-loving fashionista goddesses! xoxo


The Teri Wilson Unleashing Mr. Darcy Fancy Dress Shop Book Signing

When: March 18 from 2-5
Where: St. John Knits Official Site
7959 Broadway St #406, San Antonio, TX 78209
(210) 829-5366

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April 2016: Teri Gets “Romantique” in Paris

Les Romantiques book festival in Paris

Bonjour! We are so excited to announce that Teri Wilson be be joining an amazing group of romance authors at the Les Romantiques Festival in Paris. Here’s the official site with dates and more details. Fantastique. Romantique!

PS: This documentary about American romance, Love Between the Covers – which will be screening at the festival on April 20th – looks très intrigante. We already cannot wait to see Teri’s Facebook and Instagram updates from this international adventure!

Love Between the Covers Trailer from Laurie Kahn on Vimeo.

Novelist and Author Teri Wilson: Romance Unleashed

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